Van Horn Kennels


19464 County Road 30; Crosby, Minnesota 56441
Telephone: (218) 546-7018 --

Our goal is to provide high-quality breed lines and excellently trained hunting dogs. Our dogs have the generations of bird knowledge needed to provide top-notch hunting friends. In order to achieve our goal, we specialize in breeding, training, and selling German Shorthair Pointers; puppies and starter dogs are most always available. Our GSP lines include Essergrief Boss Ranger, Shooting Star, and Uodibars. In addition to our GSP specialty, we train ALL other pointing, retrieving, and flushing breeds. We are proud members of The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association.

Our new puppy Pictures July 2016

First Litter


Second Litter



 Essergrief Boss Ranger Line at Stud

 Wally Wahl's Sharptails Line at Stud


 Shooting Star Uodibars Line at Stud

 Teaching Backing



 Teaching Backing

 Puppies Out of Shooting Star and Boss Ranger Lines



 Force Breaking
Retrieves to Hand

 Water Work


For more information, please feel free to contact us!
Lester & Brenda VanHorn
VanHorn Kennels
19464 County Road 30
Crosby, Minnesota 56441
Telephone: (218) 546-7018

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