J&L Boykins

See you at the Spring Fling the second weekend in June in Loganville WI

Or at the Boykinfest the second weekend in September in Loganville WI

Contact us for details contact us for details.

For more information call Larry Hinchman at 612-759-8139 or e-mail jlhinch@centurytel.net

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Thank You
Larry Hinchman


"Thank you to all who came out to our Fall Boykin Fest event. It was a great success.

Contact us to see where we will be running our next event with our Boykin's."


J & L Boykin Spaniels: We have been breeding Boykins for almost 45 years. The Boykin Spaniel is a highly versatile hunting dog with a big heart and light spirit. This little brown dog can truly be your best friend whether in the duck marsh, pheasant fields or by the home fires. Our dogs hunt in many sanctioned tournaments and run against many other breeds and prove their hunting ability. For information about our dogs or upcoming litters and training tips, or if you just want to talk about the little brown dogs, please call

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Upper Midwest Boykin Spaniel Club

NuVet Plus Video

Please call to inquire about our pups and also about our upcoming litters due this spring and summer. Our cell number is 612-759-8139 and home 715-796-5251

Jan or Larry Hinchman, Hammond, WI 715-796-5251





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