Haven Valley Kennels

Haven Valley Kennels
2433 Rte 209
Wurtsboro NY 12790
John Mennella Sr.

Professional Bird Dog Training for all Pointing Breeds

Now accepting deposits for pups from our spring litters expected to whelp mid April.


 Haven Valley Kennels is situated on 55 acres of diverse habitat and adjacent to 2000 State Land Acres which is well suited for the training of your superior sporting dogs.


Brittany puppies available from our selection of females (OFA) Certified, and (OFA) stud dogs. Our Brittanys have pedigrees from national champions and Hall Of Fame. Puppies and started dogs for sale.


 If you are interested in getting a new pup, started or trained, or our stud service, we ask that you would visit us, so that you may best understand how our reputation is earned. Six week old puppies chasing wing.

Starter Dogs

We believe that it's critical for puppies to be exposed to birds as early and as possible. Therefore, part of our basic training program is to introduce the young pups to lots of birds in a variety of terrain.

"Guaranteed Results in 3 months"

   8 month old young pup doing yard work and dragging check cord.

Available for phone consultation

Call John Mennella Sr.



Started Dogs

Definition of a started dog is the following:

Will come to their name, exposed to gunfire and birds correctly, has been or used to dragging a check cord, is steady to scent depending on level of training started on whoa depending on level of training. We consider our started dogs excellent foundation of training.

   1 Year old starter dog - learning to hunt through wood - dragging check cord.

Our training objective is to bring out the best in every bird dog and to give the advantage of continuous hours in the field, yard training, and exposure to birds.

 Before any outside dog is accepted for the training program, a signed health certificate from the owner's veterinarian must be present indicating the dog has been vaccinated against any communicable diseases or parasites.

   2 Year old hunting in the field

Our advanced training program is designed to give exposure to dogs that might otherwise take years to develop into a classy gun dog.

Finished Dogs

Definition of a finished dog is the following:

Whoa Broke, Whistle Broke, Steady on point, Holds to flush, Retrieves to hand most of the time and Honors other dogs on point.

   2 Year old Finished dog retrieve to hand

A gun dog should have an average of (two) seasons of hunting before he could be broke


50 kennel runs on concrete floors - cement block and chain link dividers with roof.
Boarding is done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Dogs are fed a premium blend diet, however if a dog is required to maintain current diet,

it will be accommodated. Vet is on call 24 hours in case of unlikely emergencies.


 10 Month old holding steady for flush

Professional Bird Dog Training for Hunting Dogs.

   Building endurance and muscle.

As a professional dog trainer and breeder of Brittany's and competing in field trials and judging of many of them. I have learned what a good dog should be.

If you would like to have your dog evaluated give me a call. We both could decide what it will take to make a good bird dog.



 Driving directions

Easy driving to Rte 209 in South Wurtsboro ... Quickway

(Rte 17) Exit 113,

1 1/2 miles towards Port Jervis.

Been training for over 20 years - formerly Field Trial Judge

2433 Rte 209
Wurtsboro NY 12790
John Mennella Sr.
Available for phone consultation


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