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I don't remember as the publisher the last time I commented on a book, but it has been years. THIS book is funny. A perfect Christmas gift for your animal rights friend or your hunting buddy. The concept of the book is a coffee table cookbook with endangered animal recipes, but all the recipes work with normal meat or vegs. I had a great laugh, below are some of the recipes. Each recipe comes with a picture, it is a well done book. Dennis G

This book would be perfect to leave on your coffee table.
You can change most of the recipes by changing the meat in the recipe to meat you can easily acquire. When your guest asks what the meal was, just tell them it be a lot of fun.

Bat Recipes
Barbecued Bat
Bear Recipes
Burgundy Grizzly Bear
Ivory Polar Bear
Lemony Panda And Coconut Appetizers
Koala Kabobs
Poached Beaver With Mushrooms
Bird Recipes
Golden Parakeet Nuggets
Baked pigeon and Turkey Meatballs
Deep Fried Spotted Owl
Peacock Kiev
Glazed Flamingo Drumsticks
Parrot Jerky
Hyacinth Macaw in Red Wine
Honey Roasted Swan With Fruit Stuffing
Hot Fiery Mexican Redhead
Condor Cordon-Bleu
Toucan Cacciatore
Kahlua Toucan Acapulco
Coot Meat Helper
Removing Feathers
Bull Recipes
Rocky Mountain Oysters
Camel Recipes
BBQ Butterflied Leg Of Camel
Cat Recipes
Baked Cat
Coconut Florida panther
Kitten Fried Rice
Cheetah Chimichanga
BBQ Bengal Tiger Ribs
Chinchilla Recipes
Spaghetti A-La Chinchilla
Chinchilla Soup
Crocodile Recipes
Fried Crocodile Tail
Alligator Toast
Deer Recipes
Bambi on the Barbie
Venison and Vegetables Sukiyaki
Dog Recipes
Mutt Jerky
Chihuahua Taco Under Glass Bell
Eel Recipes
Greek Eel
Elephant Recipes
Indian Elephant Stick
Elephant Ears
Ferret Recipes
Baked Ferret Pie
Fish Recipes
Conch Fritters
Smoked Koi
Oscar Oscar ln New York, New York
Smoked Blind Cave Fish Log
Sperm Whale Roulette
Whale FiletFrog Recipes
Frog's Legs with Garlic
Giraffe Recipes
Giraffe Neck StewHorse Recipes
Spicy Horse Jerky
Insect RecipesCricket Cookies
Fried Termites
Chocolate Covered Monarch Butterfly
Kangaroo Recipes
Kangaroo Chili
Skewered Wallaby
Lamb Recipes
Lamb's Head Stew
Here to Ewe stew
Pickled Lamb Tongues
Goat And Coconut Curry In Cream
Lizard Recipes
Iguana Fried Rice
Superb Iguana Nachos
Monkey (Gorilla) Recipes
Garlic Roasted Loin of Silverback
Mongoose Recipes
Mandarin Mongoose
Moose Recipes
Chocolate Moose-Birthday Party Style
Mouse (Rat) Recipes
Rat Burgers
Otter Recipes
Otter Stroganoff
Penguin Recipes
Penguin Surprise Stew
Platypus Recipes
Platypus Parmesan
Rabbit Recipes
Braised Rabbit with Mushrooms and Wild Rice
Here Comes P.E.T.A. Cottontail
Braised Stuffed Rabbit Legs
Grilled Rabbit Loins with Carrots
Raccoon Recipes
Hobo Stew
Rhino Recipes
Rhino Jambalaya
Rhino Pot Pie
Japanese Seal Stew
Seal Picante Sauce
Skunk Recipes
Skunk Stir Fry
Snake Recipes
Fried Rattle Snake
Python Medallions
Turtle Recipes
Ninja Turtle Soup Sea Turtle Omelet
Walrus Recipes
Deluxe Walrus Chops
Walrus A La King
Water Buffalo
Water Buffalo StewYak Recipes
Yummy Yak Spare Ribs
Zebra Recipes
Drunk Zebra with Onions, Bacon and Mushrooms


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