A Much Belated
THANK YOU letter to my Breeder and Trainers
By Dennis Guldan

August / September 2017 issue page 2

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From the Publisher's Desk
Welcome to the Aug/Sept issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News. Thank you, subscribers, organizations and advertisers for supporting us. We welcome a number of new advertisers thus allowing us to grow our publication. Please support them so we can continue to grow.
Well this is the last time we'll talk before season, hopefully you and your dogs are starting to get in shape. Hate to have accidents or be in pain during our favorite part of year.
So what's in this issue? First, I have a Thank You letter to my breeders and trainers. Recently someone created a Facebook group for Busch Vizslas so all the puppy owners can talk. God there are a lot of beautiful dogs out there and all because of ONE great breeder. I am reminded we all simply do not thank them enough, and it is time we simply say Thanks for all they give up and the great work they do.
In Focus On The Process Frank Neumayer takes us step for step through the shooting process. In our first Buy the Book John D. Taylor talks about the days gone by on the Prairie and speaks of the now much more rare Prairie Chickens. On our always popular New Product page check out the new waterfowl pants for women from GWG Clothing.
You can't expect to fill your game bag unless your dog retrieves and that only happens if they mark well. In this issue George Hickox takes us through the process of training Marking Drills.
As prep for the season we should all be thinking of what we pack for the hunt. On page 9 Texas A&M teaches us about Pet First Aid kits something we should all have in our vest.
In addition we have the calendar, recipes, state & industry news and much more. One last thing, do me a favor and e-mail me some of your pictures, I'd love to see them in BD&RN! And if you have a buddy that doesn't read BD&RN drop me a line and we'll send them out a free copy.
See you in the field and at the shows & events!
Dennis Guldan
Publisher Bird Dog & Retriever News
E-mail: Publisher@Bird-Dog-News.com Worlds largest read hunting/dog publication A great publication, that makes you smile!

A Much Belated
THANK YOU letter to my Breeder and Trainers
By Dennis Guldan


This letter should have been written twenty years ago, but time gets by us and we forget to thank the people that in retrospective have made our lives, others and the world a much better place. Please send a copy of this to your breeder/trainer and even if we have not talked or done business, and this is what you do, let me say Thank You! Because you sure don't hear it as often as you should!
Let's look at some of the things we take for granted that is our breeder/trainers way of life.
In February, while you and I were going to Super Bowl parties and planning our vacations, our breeders were checking which dogs were going into heat as planned for the spring litters. Then they were making phone calls to make sure the stud and bitch were at the same place they were supposed to be at the time expected. And hoping there would be no litter from hell this year.
Thank You!
While we were worried about getting our driveways cleared to go to work, they were doing the same and plus making sure all dogs kennels runs were opened and they all have food and water and enough heat.
Oh as far as your vacation planning… their vacation will be where ever Nationals are next year. They won't be worried about Piña Coladas. They may get a beer after they make sure all the dogs they are running are in good shape for the night before they sleep in the truck.
Oh and let's not forget the trainers who are in the middle of 3-4 months on the road for off season training down south.
Thank You!
In March as we were thinking about getting on that bird to Mexico, they were at the Vet getting X-rays to see if the breeding took and how many pups they might be having. And writing and calling the people that would and would NOT be getting a pup, if all went well!
And they were doing early training for the field Trials and Hunt Tests that would be happening next month.
Thank You!
April trial/testing season starts: we have a busy night or two getting the entries, clothes, vehicles and all ready for one dog. Your breeder/trainer is doing the same times maybe five! See you didn't get that great dog without THEM putting your dogs sire & dam through the paces.
Thank You!
May comes around, we might pick another couple of events to attend. These are the same events Organized and RUN by your breeder/trainer. Someone has to do it. We get to show up after THEY do a ton of work. As an Event Secretary in the past, it's unreal how much unseen work goes into the events WE SHOW UP for! We may spent a hundred on an event. For some breeder/trainers you can easily add an extra zero for their costs.
And not only do they need to be at the test, they have litters being born. In twenty five plus years of writing my column Ellen and I have yet to see a successful breeder/trainer run by one person, it's a family run business, and it needs to be.
Now with the pups on the ground, time to decide who gets what. Which pups may be Flagship of the kennel in ten years and hope they are right!
Thank you!
June: pups are maturing, tails are docked, shots and vet bills need to be taken care of and a bunch of owners, many of which want nightly updates, want to know WHEN!
All this while dogs in the rest of their kennel need to be evaluated and trained. Oh and there are a few dog club officer duties and meetings to attend to. As we attend graduations and weddings think of your breeder/trainer busy doing what they do to advance their dogs and their breed.
Thank You!
July comes around, time for the pups to go to their new owners. It's a great day for all. Well, all is not totally true. A few dogs will be returned, god knows why, family break-ups, it wasn't a good fit or some just plain nasty people. And these are homes they are letting their babies go to. But that's all part of the job that as a breeder/trainer you need to deal with.
Thank You!
This is but six months of the life of a breeder/trainer that you may talk to once a year, if not once every few years. We haven't even spoke of losing great dogs, which happens to them every year. We haven't spoke of the politics of dealing with people, state and county rules and taxes, and other breeders wanting the breed to go in a different direction or putting the money before the dogs.
But those are things we just accept and forget about. Those are things that we should far more often to our breeder/trainer just say Thank YOU!


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