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From the Publisher's Desk
Welcome to Dec 2016/Jan 2017 issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News. Thank you advertiser and subscribers for supporting us.
Most of the bird season is ending in the upper tier of the U.S. and just getting going down south. I would have been in the grouse woods yesterday with Ellen, my old Vizsla Jersey and my one year old prized Vizsla Josie and Ellens new Springer pup Sadie but someone had too much fun this fall and had to get this issue out... there's always next week!
As the year ends and we are looking into next year. If you have an upcoming banquet please get a hold of us. We'll get you out some free copies of Bird Dog & Retriever News. And we have some new products left we'd like to get out to you. Just go on and request them.
If you are a breeder and are having a litter we have puppy packet cards for a free copy of the magazine, again on our website.
In January, Ellen & I will be representing you at our Industry big show, the SHOT Show in Vegas. If you are a company rep or you want us to get some info for our readers, drop us a line. On day one last year we walked 15.6 miles, we GET AROUND!
My plans this year takes me on a quest to visit the website of every: U.S. breeder, club, shooting preserve, gun show, shooting center, writer, industry professional and product and tell you the interesting things happening. Keep us in mind if you have something the bird dog folks should know about.
Thanks everyone that continue to help us grow and send in your pictures we will be dedicating two pages of pictures in future issues. The next two issues will have SHOT Show industry professionals after that we want to see you and your dogs!
I guess I'm out of room... again! See you in the field!
Dennis Guldan
Publisher Bird Dog & Retriever News
Worlds largest read hunting/dog publication
A great publication, that makes you smile!

Dogs Yawning

By Dennis Guldan

I listen to a lot of Audio Podcasts on my phone while I work. One of my favorite is Brainstuff a weekly 5 minute podcast by Marshall Brain.
This past week they had a five minute podcast called Why do dogs yawn? I took a few bits from the podcast and a bit of research of my own to give you an interesting piece on one of the most mundane/interesting things we see everyday... Enjoy!

Many times when dogs are excited they start to yawn.
Yawning is one of the many ways dogs and their ancestors the wolves communicate through body language.
Yawning is the first piece of body language of puppies. Scientists have done studies and found out it is genetic not learned.
Yawning has multiple meanings depending upon the situation.
A dog yawns when they want to send a calming or pacifying signal out to other people.
A yawn, although they show their open mouth has no element of fear or aggression to other dogs or humans.
If you are training a dog and notice it yawning you may be pressing your dog a bit too hard and they are signaling to you they need a break.
Sometimes when dogs get excited they need to cool off their brains. Yawning can be used to accomplish this.
Vet behaviorist at UC Davis thinks that dog brains get hot during periods of inactivity.
Dogs also yawn during anxiety, uncertainty, nervousness or being excited.
Yawning is also contagious. If you yawn most times your dog will yawn too.
There was a study done on dog nervousness: Journal Biology Letters in 2008, 21 of 29 dogs yawned when someone in the room yawned.
So next time you are training or just observing your dogs, look for a yawn and you'll realize all the research that has gone into that simple act. By the way, did I mention dogs and humans ALSO yawn when they are waking up and are tired!
Dennis Guldan hails from New Brighton, MN by way of Marshfield, WI


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