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From the Publisher's Desk
Welcome to the Oct/Nov issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News. Thank you, subscribers, organizations and advertisers for supporting us.
Welcome to my world. Being a publisher of 25 years and having my cell phone number on the bottom of 25,000 pages on line occasionally I will get interesting call.
Yesterday Ellen & I were enjoying life with friends at a friends winery when my cell phone rang, and I answered it like normal.
Call: From Yonkers NYC, Do you have Pointers to Rent?
Me: You have called Bird Dog & Retriever News do you know which breeder you need?
Caller: Well see what it is, a squirrel fell out of the tree into a bush and I need a Pointer to tell me where it is.
(At this point a NORMAL person would have hung up, I didn't!)
Me: Well, call 911
Caller: Well I don't see a need for THAT!
Me: You have called a magazine owner in Minneapolis, MN, how do you expect me to help?
Caller: I guess you can't, Thanks.

What else? What happened in Las Vegas, though tragic, I think we all agree is a nut case that doesn't help us NORMAL people with the right to own. I'll go out on a limb and say the gun stock that turns a semi into a full is not something that really should be available to purchase. That said I'll bet you can build one in a few hours in the average guys garage or on a 3-D printer which costs under $500 these days. Nut cases will break any law written.
The world is full of nuts, sadly you can't always tell by looking at them or their past and SOME hold elected office!
I'm running out of space and I have your magazine to finish and some dogs that REALLY need to go Grouse hunting!
See you in the field and at the shows & events!
Dennis Guldan
Publisher Bird Dog & Retriever News
E-mail: Worlds largest read hunting/dog publication A great publication, that makes you smile!

Judge, Breeder, Guide, Ex-Army Ranger, a GSP Guy you should know
A look at Mike Dziki and Gryphon GSPs
By Dennis Guldan

Over the last 25 years of writing this column I have gone out to a TON of dog events: retriever, spaniel, pointer and all breed. On occasion, I have run into someone that isn't really at the top of any ONE area, but is someone you should know. And that is the case Mike Dziki of Gryphon Shorthairs of Clear Lake, West Central, WI.
I met Mike Dziki a year ago when I was braced up with him and one of his German Shorthairs at a Spring Junior Hunt Test at Good Going Kennels of Baldwin, WI. Mike's good people and we talked about dogs for an hour before we ran. Mike breeds GSPs, has judged hunt tests, trains dogs, guides hunts in the fall and is a nice guy. Someone I thought you should meet.
Mike was born and raised on the east coast in Maine. He grew up with Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, training dogs and hunting Sea Ducks. He mowed grass for two years to raise enough money to buy his first Chessy. He would put a Master Hunter on the dog. When he came of age he entered the Army and became a Ranger. He left the Rangers after twelve years when he blew out his knee. But as they say: Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger.
After leaving the Army Rangers, Mike moved to River Falls, WI then North to his 13 acres he built his facility at Clear Lake, WI, eleven years ago. Knowing the Midwest was German Shorthair country he decided to spend six months looking at GSP dogs and litters to get his first dog. His first GSP came from Brad & Linda Kurtin. He waited 23 months for a dog, due to a false pregnancy, but then got the pick of the litter.
With experience in the sport and having horses, in 2000 he studied and became an AKC judge. Mike judges two to three times a year down from ten a few years ago. He still runs three to four events a year. I think his pup found four birds when I ran with him.
But Fall bird hunting is Mike's passion. He is a well sought after guide for both Ruffed Grouse and pheasant. One of his regulars is Scott Linden of the TV show Wing Shooting USA. Mike and Scott used four dogs and put up 25 grouse in Grand Rapids in about four hours. Talk about non-stop action.
Last year between his 3-4 guided hunts a year and his season that spans day one to the end of Ruffed grouse Mike put up 289 grouse.
Mike has one to two litters a year and gets $600- $800 a pup. If you have him train your pup they will get exposure to horses, and trained with both pigeons and one of the very few guys that can train on wild birds on his property. And he designed his own bird launcher system because he was unhappy with the results he found with the readily available ones.
If you want to meet Mike and he's a regular at the East Twin City Pointer Hunt Tests, he'll probably walk up to you and say hi!
If not and you have any other questions his website is: his phone number is telephone is 715-307-0628

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