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From the Publisher's Desk
Welcome to the February/March issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News. Thank you, subscribers, and advertisers for supporting us.
This issue went to press a bit later than it should, though the bird seasons have been ending the banquet and show seasons are in full tilt. Ellen and I spent a few days in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago at the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting Outdoor Trade) Show the Shooting Industry Show and are bringing you the latest news and pictures from that. Two days ago, we attended the Pheasant Forever Pheasantfest and will bring you pictures of that next issue.
In addition, we are in the midst of doing a major rewrite of our website which is by a factor of 20 the largest in the industry. We just added or corrected links to about 1500 new club and organizations so you can find the people in the industry that can help you out.
We also have donated to about a hundred conservation and dog organization banquets. If you have a banquet coming up, you can request a donation on our website.
So, what's in this issue, it's jammed packed. First I show you some of the highlights of the show on my article just to the right. Then Frank Neumayer looks at a shooters Duties & Responsibilities. The Brays Plantation Island of South Carolina sent us a great brief article on Five Ways to become a better Shot. Then we have eight new must have products for you to drool over. Next we have a nice article by George Hickox on training our dogs to pattern and hunt in range. Followed by the most complete calendar of events in the industry. As dogs age, many get Fatty Tumors, our rescue Vizsla, Jersey has them, we look at them on page 10. Then a couple pages of state news and finish up this issue with pictures of the SHOT Show and an industry update. Enjoy!
See you in the field and at the shows & events!
Dennis Guldan
Publisher Bird Dog & Retriever News
E-mail: Worlds largest read hunting/dog publication A great publication, that makes you smile!

This Year's Vegas Industry SHOT Show
By Dennis Guldan

As one ages and we find out both Santa Clause and Easter Bunny don't exist the fun things in life slowly fall away. Though soon Ellen and I will have a grandchild, there are few things I look forward to months away. The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show, our industry "show & tell fair" is one of them. It is held in January in Vegas as our season are coming to the end.
There are a few reasons I look forward to the show. First if you anyone of any notoriety in the hunting/guns/outdoor industry that is where you will be during that week. If there is a new product to be introduced in our industry that is the first place it will be revealed. And lastly it's a giant show about guns, hunting and the outdoors in Vegas, it's the things Mens Dreams are made of.
On page 14 and 15 I have two pages in this issue and next dedicated to some of the brands and people that are at the SHOT Show. In this column, I highlighted a few things that caught my eye.
There are several manufactures of Electronic Dog collars. But finally, ONE got the controls right, DTS Systems. Brian Lasley showed the new hand held control that still allowed you to handle a dog and shoot without a dangling necklace. It was a GREAT Step up!
About half the people at the show are from the states surrounding MN and we have great products here. One of the best is Red Wing and Irish Setter Boots represented by Kim Emery who we saw twice this year, once to see their new boots and once for the beer party, we LIKE parties!
Another of our regular booths we make a trek to is Coast Flashlight. Haley Chapman sends us flashlights we regularly feature in new products. We have a dozen of the best flashlights around our house, in our vehicles in hunting & dog bags and they all work great.
We spent two days at the show walked 17 mile and have pictures from 50+ booths look for them in this and the upcoming issues.

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