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From the Publisher's Desk

Welcome to the April/May issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News. Thank you: subscribers, organizations and advertisers for supporting us.
Well as I finish this issue going to press I hope I'm watching the last snow of the year. You couldn't ask for a better year for the birds, not too cold or too much snow. If we don't get rainouts around the Memorial Day hatch, expect a banner year.
So what do we have in this issue? We start with our Meet The Breeder column I have been doing for 25 years. I have done articles on most of the great breeders and trainers in the midwest. This issue we took a drive a few years ago to pick up a springer for Ellen at one of the top ten English Springer Spaniel Kennels in the world: Jim & Cindy O'Shea's of Flush 'Em High Kennel of Glendive, Montana.
With completive shooting season upon us Frank Neumayer get's us ready. George Hickox takes us through some of the basics of dog training. The medical issue this time is heartworm and how to prevent it. As banquets thin down our calender is filling with hunt test and field trial dates.
Our Buy the Book selection takes us to the Banks of The Chesapeake and the waterfowl hunting they do there. With the latest school shootings the NSSF, our industry representative, is working to get the RIGHT laws in place AND ENFORCED!
We got you a GREAT recipe: Quail & Bacon, who could ask for anything more?
Finally we end with the latest state news, some pictures of our NEXT generation of hunters and a laugh or two.
I have one last simple request for those people that may have never ventured out to a dog event, find a Hunt Test in your area and go out for a few hours without your dog and get involved, it's well worth the time!
See you in the field and at the shows & events!
Dennis Guldan
Publisher Bird Dog
& Retriever News
E-mail: Worlds largest read hunting/dog publication A great publication, that makes you smile!

Mountain Springers
By Dennis Guldan

Serendipity is a powerful thing. It makes a good portions of the decision we have in life. Such was the case then Ellen and I were looking for a Springer for her. We like to own two dogs of similar age so they can grow and learn to hunt together. It makes it easier and cheaper to replace carpets and furniture every dozen years as the both pups turn two than every six if we get them at that pace.
So, when Mark & Sophie of Pine Shadows contacted us saying the female pup we had sent them a deposit for never appeared in the litter we were on a fruitless hunt for a springer litter of the quality expected from a dog writer.
As we were searching MN & WI breeders my phone rang. It was Jim O'Shea one of the God's of the Springer World from Glendive, Montana. Jim & Cindy O'Shea's Flush 'Em High Kennel was well known for a quality kennel that produced great dogs that looked and scored well. The only problem I hate shipping dogs. God knows what can happen to a pup in the process. But I knew he had great dogs and Serendipity DEMANDED I ask:" Jim do you have any upcoming litters with an unspoken for female in it?"
Jim said, "Well yes I have a great little female just born, but I called about advertising." Well you know how men are and I'll let you figure out the rest of the conversation. Needless to say, below this article is an advertisement for Jim & Cindy and Ellen got her springer.
So, a month or so later we rented a compact car to do a 8 hour one way death run to Montana and back on the rainiest weekend we have seen in years.
When I'm on a trip away from home I like to do my Meet The Breeder column. I have one requirement to doing the column: I MUST see the kennel. The kennel tells you a lot about the people and their dogs. The problem is Jim & Cindy's kennel is in the middle of some great bird country. But it's also five miles in on some great wet country dirt roads. Not a great fit for an economy rental car designed for freeways.
If you are from the snowy north and you don't get stuck you know the trick of NEVER stopping your vehicle. So, when the 4x4 passed us and just stared at us, shook her head and asked if we needed help I'm sure she thought we were crazy city folk. Driving in axle deep mud in god's country, thankfully the driver was on her way out to the kennels we missed as we passed and took us to see our new springer.
We walked into the well-kept kennel to see Cindy waiting for us with the soon to be named Sadie in her hands. Ellen & Sadie bonded in minutes.
We never met Jim, he was out of town giving a springer training seminar. When Jim is not hunting upland game birds and waterfowl he is training all breeds of gun dogs or judging AKC Spaniel field trial events, for some 33 years. He & Cindy grew up in Pennsylvania but have been in Montana since 2013.
Sadie fit in well at home and took no guff from our older and much bigger Vizslas. We have had Sadie for 18 months. I always choose the smallest female in the litter because I like a smaller dog and to stay alive and be the smallest you had better have spunk and Sadie is all of that and more. Some days perhaps TOO much drive for us. She would retrieve 20 hours a day if someone would throw the ball.  Every night we have a 9 O'clock ritual of putting the tennis ball to bed i.e. the drawer. Else we would get no sleep. And compared to our two Vizslas twice her size and age, she is the unchallenged boss at 18 months of age.
In the field: she's good looking, biddable, quarters well and her great natural genes means she's equally can handle big range pheasant and close working ruffed grouse. After some training this spring Ellen hopes to start her in area Hunt Tests.
Would I get another dog from Jim & Cindy O'Shea? In a heartbeat. If you want more information about Flush 'Em High Kennel Springers they have a great website at or give Jim a call at: 717-673-0664 they are good people.


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