Brown's Spring River Retrievers

Bob & Carla Brown
8051 Lawrence 2218
Monett, MO 65708
PH: 417-235-8241
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Browns Spring River Retrievers

New litter of yellow and fox red puppies expected 11/10/17.  Excellent field trial/hunt test pedigrees.  The sire of this litter is  HR Grk’s Big R Hi-voltage Red Tazer.  (Click here for Tazers Pedigree) Tazer has 2 MH passes.  He has intensive drive, is extremely intelligent, he has excellent marking ability and memory.  He is steady to wing and shot.  He loves to work.  He is used as a guide dog for pheasant and quail hunts.  He has shown some pointing ability. 

Tazer Lab


The dam of this litter SHR Brown’s Riparian Katey Bar (Click for Pedigree) The Door is full of go.  She loves nothing more than to be retrieving.  She is extremely intelligent and loves to please her master.  She has a wonderful temperament and is also a terrific companion dog. 

Katey Labrador

Both Tazer & Kate are OFA “Good” on hips, are CERF clear.  They are also EIC & CNM clear.  Pups are sold with a 26 month guarantee on hips, elbows and eyes.  For more information, pricing and to reserve one of these awesome pups please e-mail or give us a call.


Pups come with a 26 month guarantee on hips, elbows & eyes & are guaranteed EIC, CNM & CERF clear. For more information Please call 417-235-8241.


Bob of Brown Spring Retrievers

See more picts on our photo gallery page. 

We are located in southwestern Missouri. It is our goal to produce labrador retriever pups with natural born and bred hunting-retrieving instincts, intelligence & wonderful temperament It is our desire that our labs be able to successfully participate in field trial / hunt test events, or to be a welcome hunting partner, and loved member of the family.

All of our breeding stock is OFA rated EXCELLENT or GOOD on hips, normal on elbows. Eyes are CERF certified, and have strong field trial / hunt test pedigrees.


Camo our new Lab

Go to a web page about her


We are a small family owned business, and usually have 2 litters of pups a year. We aren't interested in producing the most puppies, just some of the best . We offer a 26 month OFA Guarantee on hips, elbows and eyes, Our pups will have their dew claws removed, are always kept up to date on puppy shots & wormings, are socialized daily, introduced to duck, goose & or pheasant wings, and live quail. They are also introduced to loud noises, and water (weather permitting).


Please contact us if you might be interested in being added to our waiting list for the next available litter.





Click here to see Chelsea's pedigree

 "Brown's Riptide Torpedo Chelsea"  (chocolate lab)  Chelsea's  sire is  MC Lorken Coldwater Riptide MH -  out of
NFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star bloodline.    Chelsea is OFA Good on hips, normal on elbows, and CERF clear.



Click here for Beaus pedigree

  Beau's sire is FC AFC Blackwater Rudy, his dam is WR SR Cricket's Sassy Tess By KC.   Beau is OFA  Excellent on hips, normal on elbows, and CERF clear. 



These pups from Chelsea & Beau's 1st litter during their first introduction to quail.


A chocolate pup out of Chelsea & Beaus first litter (introduction to quail).




Click here for Abby's Pedigree

Abby our dog,  is an extremely intelligent,  natural born and bred hunting machine.  Her main goal in life to to please her masters.   She is truly a joy to hunt with.


Abby as a pup



The yellow puppy is a female from one of Molly & Beau's litters. 


Please Phone or e-mail for more information on future litters.   





Molly & Bailie doing some training exercises.


Molly with her 2nd litter of puppies.

 The yellow lab "Miss Sky High Molly"  Molly is OFA "Good" cerf clear, she is out of FC/AFC Aces High III & FC Rocky Mountain Star bloodline. 



 The very light (white) lab is Bailie our house lab.  

Brown's Spring River Retrievers

Bob & Carla Brown
8051 Lawrence 2218
Monett, MO 65708
PH: 417-235-8241
E-mail us

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