Baier's Den Kennels & Hunting Preserve

25219 So Baiers Den Road
Peculiar Missouri 64078
Wayne Baier at 816-779-5234
Kennels Hours 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed Mondays

4 miles south of Peculiar on highway 71

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Boarding - Training - Hunting

Internationally known for Fine Bird Dogs and Old Fashioned Missouri Quail Hunting.

"There is no man so poor but what he can afford to keep one dog. And I have seen them so poor that they could afford to keep three." Josh Billings

 Several times we have been nationally selected examples in feeding, care and training of gun dogs.

We invite you to visit our clean, modern boarding and training kennels. We offer your dog the best in food and care with clean cement runs and escape proof pens.

   We have unlimited training facilities on 1100 acres for yard, water and obedience work.

We can generally tell in the first month's training whether the dog has any ability to make a good hunting dog and at that time we will tell you so. All dogs receive their training through experience in the field under the gun with lots of shooting over them. All dogs worked daily on game. Particular attention payed to staunchness on point, retrieving and hunting dead. Our system of training is not restricted by seasons of the year or game laws. We train year 'round, weather permitting. Our training done the old way-no shortcuts-just hard work, patience and plenty of birds-monthly reports plus pictures of dog's progress on all dog's coming into the kennel.


 All dogs can be seen in the field by reservation only and are charged at our shooting rates.

Training - per month (includes Board) $800

Training - per day = $70.00
Permanent Boarding - Per Month $325
Daily Boarding - Per Day $ 20

Heat or Air Conditioned run - per day $25

Ship by Air to Kansas City, Missouri International Airport. (Phone Kennels 816-779-5234), $75 pickup charges. All dogs entering kennels must have all permanent distemper, Bordetella and rabies shots and have shot records from vet with them.

Bird Dogs and Retrievers
We have excellent registered bird dogs and started pups for sale most of the time.


 Internationally Known
Nationally advertised in Gun Dog, Pointing Dog Journal, Quail Unlimited and Bird Dog & Retriever News.

Our kennels are state inspected and approved.

We require all dogs to have permanent distemper, bordetella and rabies shots ten days before entering kennel and not over 30 days and have records from your vet.

   All bird dogs and retrievers started and trained under actual field conditions on birds and gun fire; worked on ducks, guineas and partridge in the ponds, lakes and marshes that our area is noted for. We have also trained retrievers to be used on Federal Wild Life area, and to retrieve injured and crippled ducks on Federal Refuges.

Our dogs and training are internationally known. We have dogs from 32 states and several foreign countries. We pride ourselves that our dogs adapt themselves to all types of hunting, whether it be partridge in Spain, guineas and wild pigeons in the Caribbean area or quail in Italy. Our kennel and preserve have been featured on several national hunting and fishing shows.



Hunting Preserve
season - no limit!
Sept 1st to April 1st


Our hunting preserve is open to the public and offers you the finest in Quail, Chukar and Pheasant shooting over hundreds of acres of naturally birdy cover with ponds, small lakes and lespedeza fields. Sportsmen may use their own dogs. Those who have none may enjoy shooting over our trained dogs at no extra charge.

Every hunter must have a Missouri Hunting License or Preserve Shooting Permit. The Preserve Shooting Permit may be purchased on the preserve.

Hunters are unanimous in opinion that shooting on our preserve is as attractive as shooting birds in the wild plus the added assurance that sufficient game will always be found to fill your game bag. Fields are stocked regularly to guarantee top hunting. We furnish a guide and dog at no extra charge. Reservations must be made in advance.

   GENERAL RULES-A guide must accompany each party. Hunters may use their own dogs if they can be kept under control. Unmanageable and untrained dogs will not be allowed in the field. A party cannot have more than two dogs in the field at a time. For the safety of the hunters, there will not NO drinking either before or during the hunt. We suggest two hunters to a party and not more than four. Weekday minimum of 20 birds per hunt, 30 birds per hunt on weekends.

For the day shooter, the hunting day is divided into two periods; the morning period is from 9:00 AM until noon and the afternoon period is from 1:30 PM until 4:00 PM. The hunter has a choice of either morning or afternoon hunt. If the hunter arrives late for his hunting period, the period nevertheless ends at noon or 4:00 PM.

Hunting Preserve permits are available at preserve. The preserve is operated under provisions set by the Missouri Conservation Commission for Shooting Preserves and the rules and regulations of the Commission are enforced.


 Special Services
Preserve provides a bird dressing service. Birds are dressed, pan ready, flavor sealed, sharp frozen and packed to take with you. Additional frozen quail, chukar or pheasant are always available.


Rates for shooting on preserve
Daily shooting (5 quail min.) $75.00
Per Person
Additional Quail $ 12.00
Chukar $17.00
Pheasant $25.00
Guides Furnished at no Charge

All birds are charged for as released.


Baier's Den Kennels & Hunting Preserve
25219 So Baiers Den Road
Peculiar Missouri 64078
Wayne Baier at 816-779-5234
Kennels Hours 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Closed Mondays

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