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October / November 2003 issue Page 6

 October/November 2003 Now in our thirteenth year.

 Thanks and we are getting great response from your magazine. Thomas L. Boehmer, President Kitco, Inc. Four Rivers Layout Boats, Odessa MO (800) 455-8606
Glad to hear your investment is working. Dennis G
Dear Dennis, I wanted to let you know that I have finally found my puppy.
Your letter of response was very helpful and led me to a breeder within 50 miles of my home. We were able to be a part of his life from one week old and Jessie and Helen Crisp always welcomed our visits. We had quite a scapbook even before we brought him home. We are not sure if "Cash" has taken on our personalities or if we have taken on his, but we all know that we are a perfect match either way.
We could not be more pleased and I want to thank you for giving us the Lab breeder page address for the contacts that led us to our puppy. Sincerely, Charlotte Walker
It's nice to know people needing and having good pups can get together. I have a picture of Charotte and Jessie Crisp of Bentwood Labs on page 21. Dennis G
Dennis, I'm new to hunting can you tell me how is the best way to get me and my dogs in shape for bird season. Jeff T St Louis MO
Jeff, I sit on my butt in front of a computer all day and look out at my dogs chasing squirrels, so I am far from in-condition. So this spring I went to Target and spent about 20 minutes looking at bikes. Most of that 20 minutes was trying out seats.... I bought a bike for $70 and
 for a half hour a day I ride bike. No I don't have the shoes or pants you need to go to San Francisco to buy or a crash helmet... it's just me every morning riding bike for about 30 minutes, and yes it has helped. And better than walking or running in 20 years I should still have my own knees. Dennis G
Dennis,What is your policy on printing press releases?GinaH NYC
Gina, turn to the back of this magazine. There are over 300 people/companies paying to have their name and business in this magazine. I just don't think it's right to print a press release for someone who hasn't paid. That said, periodically you will see a press release, usually from Tri-Tronics. Tri-Tronics has been with us for years so I print their stuff. My policy, is to print press releases once in the same size advertisement you paid for last year. Dennis G
Dennis, I have a website and with this last virus I'm getting like a hundred e-mails a day, oh "dog god of the internet" any idea how to make them go away? Jetty R Los Angeles, CA
Lucky you, I came back from running two days of hunt tests with Jenny and I had 3800 e-mails waiting. My trick is to create 10 folders and look for words like XXX, mortgages, a few pieces of anatomy, the latest country in Africa that you can make that $20 million and send your e-mails with those words in them to those folders. When I did that those 3800 messages ended up to 200. You still need to look at the message subject of all 3800 hundred, cause I always get some real e-mails that slip

 through, but with the latest virus there should be only a couple of titles. I sort by message subject and in about 15 minutes I can clean up the 3800 and get to the 20 or so that are real. They need to shoot a few of the idiots that created these viruses. Good luck, Dennis G
Dennis, our dog club does not have a website and I was told you do them for free. How do we get a website and what need we do? Jeff R. Detroit, MI
Jeff, we create about a website a month for dog clubs and non-profit conservation organizations. The only thing I ask is that I don't need to type. Just put together something about your club, activities and contact people and have someone e-mail it to me... if you don't type... find a kid. I'll take care of creating and hosting the site for you for free. Dennis G.
Dennis, I went to your huge collection of bulletin boards on your website and some are not functional and some have porn on it. You need to work on these things. Mary B, Lacrosse WI.
Mary, your totally correct. And by the time you get this I should have them corrected. It's sad that people need to put porn or post litter listing when I have nicely asked them not to do it. As far as the functionality, I recently changed internet servers and I need to update them all, it is number one on my agenda after I get this issue to print. To help clean things up I will go on a mission and start billing the people who advertise their litters or porn on the bulletin boards, the boards are for discussions, if you want to advertise we offer that.... sorry it had to come to this. Someone needs to be the bad guy I guess! DG

Keep the letters and pictures coming we'll make room.

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