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3 This issues featured website
7 From The Publisher's Desk
8 Letters From The Field
9 Photo's From The Field
10 What's New
12 Puppy Kindergarten By Pam Kadlec
16 Bond Of Passion By Web Parton
20 Cast Off or On Making the Difference By Bill Hanus
22 What you should know about traveling with pets American Veterinary Medical Association
25 The Spanish Pointer By Stephen C. Rafe
29 Cop Of The Year! Name Withheld Pending the Court Date
30 New Golden Retriever at the rescue & Lab BOTH licking new born foals
31 Dear Dog Diary By Archy E. Wiseman
33 Summer Fun:  Protecting Your Pet from the Season's Hazards
35 KACHING! The Hoax of the Animal Radicals Movement By Dr. Al Grossman
38 Make safety skills a habit at shooting ranges
40 First Shot Outfitters aka A Dog Man's Quail Hunt By Vic Venters
42 Reduce Recoil to Improve Marksmanship By Marisa Lee-Sasser
43 Kids And Dogs Sometimes Should Be Let Off Leash. By Dennis Guldan
45 News From The AKC
45 AKC Announces New Program for Mixed Breeds
46 AKC and Dog Owners Win Ruling Granting a Trial to Challenge Constitutionality of Denver Breed Ban
46 Highlights From The May 11 & 12, 2009 AKC Meeting
48 Make Plans to Attend Meet the Breeds™ This October in New York City
49 State News
49 AR AGFC closes second access route on Trusten Holder WMA
49 2009-10 Arizona Hunting and Trapping Regulations available online
50 Arizona's young shotgun shooters continue to rise in clay target competitions
52 CA DFG Announces 2009 Waterfowl Population Estimates
52 CA DFG Seeks Local Volunteers for Mourning Dove Banding Program
52 Winning Artist to be Chosen at 2009 California Duck Stamp Judging Event
53 GA Apply for 2009-2010 Quota Hunts Beginning June 1
53 GA Cpl. Craig Fulghum Honored with Waterfowl Officer of the Year
54 ID Nesting swans at sand creek delay access
55 ID Fish and game seeks comments on sandhill changes
55 ID Salmon poisoning can kill dogs
55 ID Youths enjoy mentored late season pheasant hunt
56 Iowa Pheasant Harvest Hits Record Low
56 IL Hunters Wingshooting Clinic Provides Opportunities to Improve Shotgun Shooting Skills
57 Abraham Hunter Wins the 2009 Illinois Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest
57 KS New Regulation At La Cygne Reservoir Bans All Alcohol
58 LA Three Men Sentenced in Federal Court For Duck Violations in Plaquemines Parish
58 MI Michigan Natural Resources Commission to Meet June 4 in Lansing
59 MI Federal Delisting of Wolves Complete; State Management Plan Takes Effect
60 MN DNR seeks comments on temporary hunting rules
60 MN DNR offers financial assistance for roadside prairie plantings
61 MN Revised 'Woodworking for Wildlife' book available
61 Minnesota DNR assumes management of state's wolf population
62 MO Shooting clinics reveal nontoxic shot secrets
63 MT Nonresident Youth Get Price Break On Upland Bird Hunting
63 NH Hearing on Pheasant Hunting Rules June 15, 2009
63 ND WMA Public Use Regulations Amended
64 ND Trappers to Remove Nest Predators from Lake Arena, Mallard Island
64 NE Commissioners Pleased with Open Fields and Waters Enrollment
65 Commission Receives Nebraska Environmental Trust Grants
65 NE Schropfer Wins Cornhusker Cup
65 NE Friday's High School Results
66 NE Saturday's High School Results
66 High School Handicap Awards
66 NE High Overall Winners
66 NE Survey Shows Increase in Turkey, Pheasant, Bobwhite
67 NE Waterfowl Season-Setting Process to be Discussed
67 NE Focus on Forever Workshop on July 17-19
67 OK Wildlife Department offers tool for developers to protect critical prairie chicken habitat
68 SD Sign up Now to Secure CRP Acres
69 SD Pheasant, Grouse and Prairie Chicken Season Reports Available
69 SD Waterfowl Seasons Set
69 SD Pheasant Season Finalized
69 TN 2009-10 Hunting Seasons Set at May TWRC Meeting
70 TX TPWD Dove Season Framework Gets Commission Approval
71 TX Commission Approves Public Hunting on 44 State Park Sites
72 TX TPWD Announces Proposed Waterfowl Season Framework
73 TX TPWD Scoping Migratory Bird Issues at Public Hearings
74 TX TPWD Sets Public Hearings on Fee Increases, Dove Rule Proposals
75 TX Parks and Wildlife Looking for Additional Dove Leases
75 UT DWR surveys upland game hunters in a new way
76 News From The Enemy Camp And Good Guys
76 Firearms Industry Says Expanding Ban on Traditional Ammunition Will Further Reduce Hunting in California
77 Firearms Sales Figures for April
77 Firearms Industry Applauds 9th Circuit Court Ruling
78 Firearms Industry Supports Excise Tax Reform Legislation
79 National Shooting Sports Foundation Awards $499,000 to Nine States to Promote Hunting
80 FBI Background Checks for Firearm Purchases Hit 100 Million
80 Firearms Industry to Offer Reward in Clarksdale, MS, Firearms Theft
81 Firearm Sales Continue to Climb in March
81 National Dog Bite Prevention Week-prevention is the best cure for dog bites
83 AVMA supports annual vision checkup for service animals
84 News From Ducks Unlimited
84 John Pope elected Ducks Unlimited president
84 Statement from Ducks Unlimited on administration support for Clean Water Restoration Act
85 Ducks Unlimited Calls on Congress to Protect Sportsmen's Investment
86 Federal budget contains mixed news for sportsmen
87 Pheasant Forever
87 Commentary From Scott Rall on new MN Outdoor Amendment's treatment at the Capital
88 Pheasant Habitat in Washington State Dealt Legislative Win
89 Pheasants Forever: Keep CRP off CPR
91 Dog Shows Calendar
102 Calendar Of Events For Field Trials & Hunt Tests
107 Gun Show Calendar Of Events
116 Birds In The Pan
117 Advertising Rates
118 Marketplace
118 American Water Spaniel Breeders
118 Boykin Spaniel breeders
118 Brittany Breeders
118 Drahthaar breeders
118 English Cocker Spaniel Breeders
118 English Setter Breeders
119 French Brittany Breeders
119 German Shorthair Pointer Breeders
119 German Wirehair Pointer Breeders
120 Golden Retriever Breeders
120 Irish Water Spaniel Breeders
120 Labrador Retriever Breeders
121 Llewellin Setter Breeders
121 Pointer Breeders
121 Pointing Labrador Retriever Breeders
122 Irish Red Setters Breeders
122 English Springer Spaniel Breeders
122 Vizsla Breeders
122 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeders
122 Training birds for sale
122 Decoys for sale
123 Guns For Sale
123 Hunts
123 Trailers & Boxes
123 Dog Training
124 Dog Products Supply
125 Miscellaneous
126 My Dog Named Sex


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