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I-Phone Case

The revolutionary gel technology used in every KX case is made in the USA and specifically engineered to both absorb and evenly distribute kinetic energy. This allows KX cases to be just a fraction of the size of bulkier protective cases, while offering the massive impact protection NuGuard KX is known for.

Enhance and highlight the colorful and playful nature of any iPhone 5C with the NuGuard KX. There are plenty of wicked color combos to choose from with six available colors and designed case openings that reveal the color and beauty of the iPhone 5C. Select among matching iPhone 5C colors, or mix it up to express your colorful personality, your mood, your clothes, or just for fun.



EPAZoo Omega-3 Liquid

USP Grade Omega-3 Liquid Supplement, EPAZoo, Released

DermaZoo®Pharma LLC is pleased to announce the release of EPAZooTM Omega-3 Liquid, Each bottle is stabilized with a Nitrogen Blanket before sealing. “USP Grade fish oil and Nitrogen Stabilization produce a level of quality exclusive to the vet market, but the lemon scent is the real payoff when administering EPAZoo to an animal. Pet owners no longer need to dread the unfortunate side effect of foul odor on their pet’s face and whiskers,” comments Jack White, President of DermaZoo.

Using the process of “reverse thermal gelation,” the viscosity of KC Oto-Pack increases once placed in the ear as it warms to the pet’s body temperature, thickening to a semi-solid state. KC Oto-Pack then coats the epithelial surface of the ear, releasing the ketoconazole and hydrocortisone slowly over a period of up to 7 days

www.dermazoo.com Wondertop

Change the way you Cook!

The WonderTop will be your go-to tray for preparing and serving treats for your family and friends indoors and out. After all it is Stainless Steel so it looks great and is a sanitary surface. The best part is that the sides prevent things from sliding off as your walking. Commercial kitchen functionality at home! The bacteria-free stainless steel surface and side edges make it the cleanest way to prepare food in your kitchen. No more spills, drips, crumbs, debris etc. It’s all contained, clean and sanitary!

The WonderTop makes clean-up super easy. It is a genuine pleasure to work with all the mess contained right on the WonderTop!

We have so many people contact us to tell us that they absolutely love using the WonderTop, repeat customers buying them for friends and family, and ourselves being WonderTop users that we can confidently say, “Refine your food preparation experience today, you deserve it!”




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