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February/ March 2011 issue page 95

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Feb/March 2011 We average over a million hits a month on the net. 

  1st Creole's Loup-Garou SH, Labrador Retriever I Richards/R Richards
2nd Rooster's Madison Hunter MH, Labrador Retriever R Gaines
3rd Seaside's Louie Louie, Labrador Retriever T Farmer
4th Hawkeye's Double-Down Kate, Labrador Retriever J Glasgow/B Farmer
Reserve JAM Five-Point Commander In Chief MH, Labrador Retriever M Widner
JAM Dc's Dream Machine, Labrador Retriever J Moore

Treasure Coast Retriever Club
Saturday, March 29, 2011 Held at The Flying G Ranch , 10603 Highway 98 N Okeechobee, FL

Junior Hunter
S Fulenwider P K Hind (28 Starters)
Ashland's Awesome Allee, Labrador Retriever M Manley
Coco's Fat Chance Diesel Injected, Labrador Retriever A RODRIGUEZ
Deep Run Rockstar, Labrador Retriever D Byerly
Docman's Gulfcoast Major, Labrador Retriever R Perez/L Perez
Kd's Diamond In The Ruff, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever D Nichols/S Hannula
Kelakye's Joshua Deets Of Kuventre, Golden Retriever K Fuss/S Long
Linmac's High Plains Drifter, Labrador Retriever J McDowall/L McDowall
Maggie, Shining Star Of Tina Turner, Labrador Retriever C Musselwhite/M DeGanahl
Molinjars Kyp Og Valhalla, Labrador Retriever T Nuquist/K Nuquist
MACH Ms Polo's Ten Goal Spring

 XF, Labrador Retriever O Von Gontard
Oakmeadow As Time Goes By TD, Flat-Coated Retriever J Hamzy/M Hamzy
Prince Milo Drake Taylor, Labrador Retriever R Taylor
Rippling Waters Autumn Mist, Chesapeake Bay Retriever K Brown/J Brown
Rockstars Mick's Little Girl, Golden Retriever M Panetta/M Orloff
Southern Breeze's Southern Bell, Labrador Retriever A Cormier/D Cormier
Tater Poozer Boo Bear Draker, Labrador Retriever C Mauldin
Top Hat's First Tour Of Duty, Golden Retriever D Werner/A Doucette
Turbo The Destroyer, Golden Retriever K Crawford/R Rubrecht
CH Wingmaster Her Song VST, Flat-Coated Retriever J Hamzy/M Hamzy
Wyco Willi's Ms Kali-gal, Labrador Retriever H Hoier

Senior Hunter
D Hatfield R Strickland (12 Starters)
French Creek's Magic River JH, Labrador Retriever T Smith
Goldruls Into The Mystic CDX JH, Golden Retriever C Walton/M Sarkin
Kuventre's Just Like Gene And Roy JH, Golden Retriever S Long/T Long
Turbo Steam'N Twilight Dragon CDX SH, Golden Retriever R Rubrecht
Willowbank Got Me On My Knees JH, Labrador Retriever K Hornsby/A Hornsby
Willowbank Vanna White JH, Labrador Retriever K Hornsby/A Hornsby

Master Hunter A
K Luthy B Malphus DVM (32 Starters)

  Battleship Diplomacy SH, Labrador Retriever G McGinn/K McGinn
Black Diamonds Misty Isles Piper SH, Labrador Retriever J McDowell/L McDowall
Bullet Russell SH, Labrador Retriever B Russell
Bynum's Magnum Goose SH, Labrador Retriever J Bynum
Calumet Think About Me SH, Labrador Retriever M Mcginnis/S Long
Calusas Tank'O Chocolate MH, Labrador Retriever C Burke/T Burke
Dominator's Magnum Pi MH, Labrador Retriever J Wonnell/S Wonnell
Kuventre Daddy Let Me Drive MH, Golden Retriever S Long
Kyco Orange & Blue Dynamite MH, Labrador Retriever F Collins
Kyco's Duck Band Quest SH, Labrador Retriever F Collins
Linmac's Cache Me If You Can MH, Labrador Retriever J McDowall/L McDowall
Marsh & Glen's Tasmanian Devil RN MH, Labrador Retriever e wojciechowski
Rock The Casbah MH, Labrador Retriever F Prendergast/N Prendergast
Sommer's Midnight Enchanter SH, Labrador Retriever G Wolf/J Wolf
Sommers Elizabeth MH, Labrador Retriever S Fulenwider
Southern Breeze's Black Cloud JH, Labrador Retriever A Cormier/S Cormier
Sunny Dawn's Wild Angel CDX SH, Labrador Retriever C Walton
Tanbark's Crossfire Hurricane CD RA SH, Golden Retriever H Wood
Topbrass Prettyltl Supedup 4wd MH, Golden Retriever S Long/J Mertens

Master Hunter B
E R Leatherbury T M Mouer (31

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