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February/ March 2011 issue page 93

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Feb/March 2011 We average over a million hits a month on the net. 

Retriever Results

 Treasure Coast Retriever Club Trial
Saturday, March 8, 2011 - Sunday, March 9, 2011 Held at Dempsey Property , Hwy 714 Okeechobee, FL

J Mertens S V Zugg (10 Starters)
1st Limey's Maxsim Of Dogleg SH, Labrador Retriever K Spencer
2nd Wind Clan's Beaucat, Labrador Retriever B Griffith
3rd Runnin Rebels Professor Emeritus, Labrador Retriever M Perry

W Wertz S Roegiers (23 Starters)
1st Good Idea's Outta Sight, Labrador Retriever K Neil/B Little
2nd Johnson's Raisa The Maxx MH, Labrador Retriever L Schiess/S Wright
3rd Kyco Orange & Blue Dynamite MH, Labrador Retriever F Collins
4th Jt's Missing Element MH, Labrador Retriever J Harvey/T Harvey
Reserve JAM Rocky's Red Hot Shot, Labrador Retriever S Liedman
JAM Southern Breeze's Black Cloud JH, Labrador Retriever A Cormier/S Cormier
JAM Bear Branch Kodiak, Labrador Retriever M Kennedy
JAM Linmac's Cache Me If You Can MH, Labrador Retriever J McDowall/L McDowall

 Bluebonnet Retriever Club
Friday, March 21, 2011 - Sunday, March 23, 2011 Held at Danny Farmer's Property Anderson, TX

J L Matter C A Robison (27 Starters)
1st Watermark's Texas Tank, Labrador Retriever M Tatum
2nd Hkpastandbeyond, Labrador Retriever H Kuning
4th Landrys Thunder And Glory, Labrador Retriever F Landry
Reserve JAM Westwoods Sunrise, Labrador Retriever M Westfall
JAM M&M's Putting On The Ritz, Labrador Retriever M Mosher/A McAllister
JAM Tiderunner II, Labrador Retriever J Boykin
JAM Pearl's San Augustine Angus, Labrador Retriever W Powdrill

V Matter R F Bass (40 Starters)
1st Gracie's Cosmic Lace, Labrador Retriever V Batton
2nd Ck's Crocodile, Labrador Retriever M Stroud-Swingle
3rd Sugar Mill's Hiwood Caprock, Labrador Retriever D Widner/S Allen
4th Rolling Thunder XIX, Labrador Retriever M Kammerer
Reserve JAM Archway's On Your Mark SH, Labrador Retriever J Davis
JAM Misty Moon River Concerto, Labrador Retriever D Carpenter/J Carpenter
JAM Hayseed's Ladi Of The Night MH, Labrador Retriever C Robison

  JAM Red Dog's Madman Across The Water MH, Labrador Retriever R Gibson


San Diego Retriever Field Trial Club
Friday, March 21, 2011 - Sunday, March 23, 2011 Held at Surrounding Lands Niland, CA

D H Kirker G D Jones (21 Starters)
1st Justin Time Elise, Labrador Retriever J Anderson
2nd Jazztime Bluegoose's Ruger, Labrador Retriever L Calvert/A Calvert
3rd Rockliffs Choppers Chipper, Labrador Retriever S Foster/P Foster
4th Nordic Warrior, Labrador Retriever A Fangsrud
Reserve JAM Indy Go Blue II, Labrador Retriever J Miller/B Miller
JAM Lain's Lulu's Back In Town, Labrador Retriever M Lain/S Lain
JAM Harney Hill Cully, Labrador Retriever G Powers
JAM Sit Happens, Labrador Retriever T Hemingway
JAM Northern High Voltage, Labrador Retriever J Harvie
JAM Heads Up Quarterback Sneak, Golden Retriever L Nelson
JAM Crescent City Warrior, Labrador Retriever B Woodward
JAM Moxie's Classic T-Bird, Labrador Retriever S Holst/K Holst
JAM Canadian Cutter, Labrador Retriever D Pollock
JAM Magiclabs' Abe Is The One, Labrador Retriever G Norton
JAM Suncrest Calypso, Labrador Retriever B Mullis/T Mullis

D H Kirker G D Jones (21 Starters)

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