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February/ March 2011 issue page 9

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Feb/March 2011 We average over a million hits a month on the net. 
 cleaning ladies. The brush bristles stick out from a flat wooden or plastic grip. Typically, there are four rows a bristles and the grip (handle) measures about 8-inches long, to 2 1/2 inches wide and less than 3/4 inches thick. If you have a brush of slightly different dimensions stowed away someplace use it. You won't have to shop and it's already paid for. You might get the job done with a single brush.
But it's worth buying a "matched pair". Scrub-brushes won't cost you anything near that of the match brace of double guns you've yearned for; or the price of a field champion bred Labrador Retriever pup and the training fees you'll be risk trying to turn him into something approaching your expectations... it's like you can get a brace of brushes for a couple bucks.
When you get home, fasten them together, back-to-back. You can use thin plastic strap fasteners, screws or bolts. It's difficult to nail two brushes together. I offer that bit of brilliance only to substantiate that I don't recommend doing things I haven't tried out. Believe me nailing's a losing proposition.
If you are really economy minded and you frequently use the scrub-brushes for what they were intended.... or to scour out kennel club's tubs and buckets, groom a dog or horse... you can bind two brushes together with a cord (the bristles rows secure it) and quickly separate the two
 by undoing the cord after a training session.
The double scrub-brush has now become a training dummy. All you have to do is go out and start throwing it for your dog, presumably that Mighty Molars will fetch. Use of this bristly dummy early on will do very good job of preventing an incipient hardmouth and in respectable number cases can result in curing existing hardmouth.
It is cheap, durable and can be used on land or water. The only drawback I've discovered is that it often "floats low" and is difficult for a swimming dog to see. But with a dog that likes to retrieve, considering the distance you're able to fling this dummy, it's not much of a problem.... and when you are using a scrub-brush dummy it is for the purpose of preventing or
 curing a "mouth problem" not to "stretch out" the length of the retrieves you expect your dog to make. The scrub brush can prevent or cure your dog from mishandling game.
If you do want to flinging the "dummy" as far as possible, most brushes come with the hole bored on one end so they can be hung on a nail. Match the holes and run in a short length of slinging rope, knot each end and you'll gain distance.
The difficulty in spotting scrub-brush dummy as compared to high-riding white boat bumpers may actually increase the dog's interest result in his using his nose as well as his eyes when swimming.
If you utilize any commercial "training scents" to artificially introduce your dog to game bird scent, it can also be
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