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February/ March 2011 issue page 21

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Feb/March 2011 We average over a million hits a month on the net. 
 Staffordshire Bull
Terriers 74
Japanese Chin 75
Belgian Malinois 76
Irish Setters 77
Silky Terriers 78
Irish Wolfhounds 79
Brussels Griffons 80
Old English Sheepdogs 81
Icelandic Sheepdogs** 82
Border Terriers 83
Cardigan Welsh Corgis 84
Bouviers des Flandres 85
Afghan Hounds 86
Keeshonden 87
Greater Swiss
Mountain Dogs 88
Basenjis 89
Tibetan Terriers 90
Black and Tan
Coonhounds 91
Parson Russell Terriers 92
Wirehaired Pointing
Griffons 93
Giant Schnauzers 94
Standard Schnauzers 95
Borzois 96
Wire Fox Terriers 97
Gordon Setters 98
Toy Fox Terriers 99
Norwich Terriers 100
English Setters 101
Schipperkes 102
Flat-Coated Retrievers 103
Tibetan Spaniels 104
Welsh Terriers 105
Norwegian Elkhounds 106
Nova Scotia Duck
Tolling Retrievers 107
Belgian Tervuren 108
Anatolian Shepherd
Dogs 109
Smooth Fox Terriers 110
Pointers 111
 Bearded Collies 112
Neapolitan Mastiffs 113
American Eskimo Dogs 114
Salukis 115
Belgian Sheepdogs 116
Norfolk Terriers 117
Spinoni Italiani 118
Bluetick Coonhounds 119
Kerry Blue Terriers 120
Manchester Terriers 121
Redbone Coonhounds 122
Australian Terriers 123
Tibetan Mastiffs 124
Briards 125
English Toy Spaniels 126
Welsh Springer Spaniels 127
Irish Terriers 128
Petits Bassets
Griffons Vendeens 129
Miniature Bull Terriers 130
Clumber Spaniels 131
Field Spaniels 132
Boykin Spaniels 133
Plotts 134
Black Russian Terriers 135
Affenpinschers 136
Lakeland Terriers 137
German Pinschers 138
Greyhounds 139
Bedlington Terriers 140
Scottish Deerhounds 141
Swedish Vallhunds 142
American Water
Spaniels 143
Kuvaszok 144
Pulik 145
Retrievers 146
Lowchen 147
Irish Water Spaniels 148
Polish Lowland
Sheepdogs 149
Irish Red and
White Setters 150
 Ibizan Hounds 151
Sealyham Terriers 152
Beaucerons 153
Komondorok 154
Sussex Spaniels 155
Pharaoh Hounds 156
Glen of Imaal Terriers 157
Finnish Spitz 158
Norwegian Buhunds 159
Skye Terriers 160
Otterhounds 161
Pyrenean Shepherds 162
Canaan Dogs 163
Dandie Dinmont
Terriers 164
Harriers 165
American Foxhounds 166
English Foxhounds 167
NOTES:** - New breeds entered in AKC registry in 2010. N/A - Breeds not yet AKC recognized during the year indicated.

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