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February/ March 2011 issue page 100

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Feb/March 2011 Now in our nineenth year 

 (2 Pntr-GS, 3 Brit, 12 Vizs)
1st CH Lagniappe Roux MH, Vizsla A Uffman/C Uffman (3 pts)
2nd CH Egri Vermilion Vlyhtr Carter JH, Vizsla A Neupert/J Matmor/E Neupert (1 pts)
3rd CH Lagniappe's Who's Your Daddy? CD RE MH, Vizsla E Chandler/C Chandler
4th Withheld,

Open Gun Dog
J Hines S Wallace (15 Starters) (15 Vizs)
1st Goldstar Queen Of Hearts SH, Vizsla S Kleinman (3 pts)
2nd CH Barben's Absolut Huntsman , Vizsla W Garrett/L Garrett
3rd CH Lagniappe Roux MH, Vizsla A Uffman/C Uffman
4th CH Annian's Whatever Lola Wants JH, Vizsla S BLACK/D BLACK/S Towne

Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Hunt Test
Saturday, March 8, 2011 Held at The Milner Lease , 135 Ethridge Mill Road, Milner, GA

Junior Hunter
J Bender L R Ellison (21 Starters)
Barben's Chianti, Vizsla K Febkert
CH Blackdiamond's Angel Called Duncan , Gordon Setter R Jacobson
CH Good Fortune's Expect Great Things , Gordon Setter C Dunham/D Dunham/C Reding
Jarrod's Georgia Ammo, Brittany J Pickard
Melto's Freyja, Vizsla T Campbell/L Salb
Meriwood's Seneca River V Silversmith, Weimaraner K Miller/E Lamberson
Mida And Amberlove's Southern Heat, Gordon Setter T Anderson/

 S Anderson
Pine Straw Black Hawk, English Setter M Reeves/J Reeves
Showdown's Erneut Machen, German Shorthaired Pointer D Plott
Snips Rowdy Hank, German Shorthaired Pointer Z Silvers/K Ellis
Tandera's E Ticket Ride, Gordon Setter P Wagner/A Wagner/C Joyce
Tandera's Hot Ticket, Gordon Setter T Anderson/S Anderson
Tandera's On The Rocks RE, Gordon Setter C Joyce/P Joyce
Top Gun Prairie Gem, German Shorthaired Pointer J Kemp
Trinity's Mossyoak Mudslinger, Vizsla T James/W James
Tsavo's Firestorm Jessie, Vizsla A Johnson
Vizcaya's Madison May, Vizsla t kutter/d kutter/N Edmunds
Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades, Wirehaired Vizsla N Edmunds
Vizcaya's Wired For Sound, Wirehaired Vizsla L Ross/B Ross/N Edmunds
CH Wingfield Evrsett Cher The Blame , English Setter D Coller/P Coller
Wingfield's Allie RE NA NAJ, German Shorthaired Pointer P Coller

Senior Hunter
J Spears T Burdin (7 Starters)
Bailey, Vizsla R Kenney/M Kenney
CH Hallmar's Urban Sombrero JH, Weimaraner M Hall/W Hall
Hot Shot's Auf Ziel, German Shorthaired Pointer P Sieve
Palm Glades Jameson, German Shorthaired Pointer T Molony/L Duvall
Silversmith Catch Of The Day JH, Weimaraner E Smith Lamberson/M Lamberson
Snips Double Shot, German Shorthaired Pointer S Terrzzi

  Top Gun Prairie Gem, German Shorthaired Pointer J Kemp

Master Hunter
J Spears T Burdin (4 Starters)
Blue Moon Buckshot SH, Vizsla K Hansen
CH Crystal's Public Defender RN SH, German Shorthaired Pointer E Harless
CH Fireside's Southern Rose SH, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon E Hunsicker/L Rothrock
CH Lagniappe Roux SH, Vizsla A Uffman/C Uffman


Old Dominion Vizsla Club Hunt Test
Saturday, March 8, 2011 Held at The York Pointer And Setter Club, , Route 74, Between Wellsville & Rossville Wellsville, PA

Junior Hunter
G A Gollick S Smith (14 Starters)
Buck Run Haley Blitz, German Shorthaired Pointer A Kahora
Celtic's Addendum, Irish Setter P Ober
Celtic's Sequel, Irish Setter P Ober
Celtic's Supercharger, Irish Setter P Ober
CH Fireside's Rio Grande , Wirehaired Pointing Griffon E Hunsicker
Jon's Lil' Dakota, German Shorthaired Pointer E Taylor
Little Bitty Belle, English Setter B Worthington
Mason - Dixon's What's Up Doc, German Shorthaired Pointer K Lewis
Mason Dixon Bonaventure Bruno, German Shorthaired Pointer K Lewis
Schotzi, German Shorthaired Pointer j scott
Shalgo's Grace, English Setter J

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