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From the Publisher's Desk
Welcome to the April/May issue of Bird Dog & Retriever News. Thank you, subscribers, organizations and advertisers for supporting us.
We are late again, but I make sure you have three months of calendar of events so you haven't missed anything. More has probably happened to me in the past three months than any three months in recent memory. First this weekend Ellen got a new Grandson Jax Guldan from our son Ron and Angela. Our first grand baby, I also took a new Medical Electronics Engineering job on the bleeding edge of tech you may be hearing about in the next year. The dogs just got back from their trainers and as I tell everyone mostly daily: I'm Livin Da Dream!
Next issue we are increasing the size of this publication by four more pages. NO we will NOT be raising the price. POTUS Trump called and ask us to keep inflation under control... I'd like more articles and can't find any area we should be cutting. We should go from about eight articles per issue to over a dozen. I think that's about right for a publication.
So what's in this issue? I talk about Spring and things to do. Frank on the next page introduces us to the game of Sporting Clays. Gary Kramer then has a beautiful & informative book on Upland Game birds. If you are looking for a coffee table book, can't get any better. Then the new products, three-four caught my eye: A lighted Leash, Fetch thrower, fire blower and Calming formula for a pup that... has energy!
Then George Hickox gives us a short course on Puppy Training. Followed by our calendar of shows, trials and tests for three months into June. Followed by a new recipe to cook pheasant and the latest state news and ending with industry news. And for our two picture pages we have more from The industry Vegas SHOT Show and Pheasantfest this year in Mpls!
Seems I am out of room!

See you in the field and at the shows & events!
Dennis Guldan
Publisher Bird Dog & Retriever News
E-mail: Worlds largest read hunting/dog publication A great publication, that makes you smile!

I HATE Spring!
There's Nothing To Do!

By Dennis Guldan

I Hate Spring there is Nothing to do! It's not like fall when you can go out in the woods. I guess I could take the dogs out in the woods. But just my luck ONE of them would find a shed antler from some deer as Josies my Vizsla Brother Jack did the other day for Scott and Mellissa, he was SO PROUD! But then I guess I'd spend the rest of the day in the woods looking for the other, you got to have a matching set, it's only Natural! NOT gonna Do it!
I could spend the day going out to one of the many training grounds we run field trials or hunt tests in. I could get my dog and myself acclimated to the area when I'm not worried about interfering with an event or upsetting some judge or event official or looking for a bird or a point. I then could map out like the pros do, all the nice hiding spots the birds find, so I would know it when I'm running. Sure would help me get a better score. But I can take a look when the event is on, why waste the time now. NOT GONNA DO IT!
I could inspect all my dog and hunting equipment. Replace what needs replacing and mend what I can. I then would have time to look online and at local stores for things I really need instead of being rushed as I'm on my way to hunting. I could clean my guns in the spring sun on the deck. I could take a look at my maps and update them from my log books, so I'd be less rushed and ready to go this fall. NOT GONNA DO IT!
I could do some spring training, much needed after the winter held up inside. Hell, it's warm enough we can get some water work in before the hunt test season starts. Clear up some of those issues ahead of time. I could take the time to do those things I normally never have time to do. Or god forbid do some obedience training. NOT GONNA DO IT!
I could pick-up a calendar. Start penciling all the training dates, trials and tests, fun days and banquets that I could find by going to all the web pages linked on Then I could have a plan on what I was doing every weekend and never miss and event. I'd be the most organized person I would know. But then my buddies would call me anal and I can't let THAT happen! NOT GONNA DO IT!
I could pick-up the yard and all the droppings the dogs have left for me. Could make a list of things that need fixing and schedule THEM in my calendar. I wouldn't be fixing things when I should have been hunting this fall or during the coldest days of winter. But I'm a Pirate and a Rebel and we don't do things like that, we live the Free Bird Life with no plans. NOT GONNA DO IT!
Nope I'll find the couch and the remote and see if NASCAR is on!
Dennis Guldan is from New Brighton, MN, by way of Marshfield WI!


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