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 Table Of Contents

2 This issues featured website
4 From The Publisher's Desk
5 Letters From The Field
6 What's New
8 Poison Ivy And Other fun Plants By Dennis Guldan
10 Pheasant Nesting Conditions By Anthony Hauck
12 Maintaining Optimal Body Condition for Health and Performance By Dr. Brian Zanghi
15 North Dakota Producers Have Opportunities with Conservation Reserve Program
16 Last Chance Pheasants
17 Mid South Quail Forever Members Attend Prescribed Fire School By Jurey Howard
18 The Right Dog for Your Situation Size and Breed Matters By Anthony Z. Roettger & Benjamin H. Schleidler III
20 Mid South Quail Forever Receives NRA Foundation Grant
21 News From The AKC
23 News From The Enemy Camp And Good Guys
30 State News
40 Gun Shows
43 Calendar Of Events For Field Trials & Hunt Tests
54 Dog Shows
61 Birds In The Pan
62 Advertising Rates
63 Marketplace
67 Last Laugh

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