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April / May 2003 issue Page 6

 Dear Dennis, Thank you for the sample magazines and subscription cards. We distributed them at our hunt test February 9-10 and you should have some responses soon.
I was interested in your offer of creation of a free website for non-profit clubs like ours. We currently have a site at Though I am not really up-to-date on the issues, I know the club would like to have a site that is not accessible through geocities, but has more direct access.
If you could help us with some website issues, I would like to put you in contact with a club member who could give you more details.
Thanks, Macy Swift, Test Secretary Treasure Coast Retriever Club, Vero Beach, FL
We have a new website for you at sorry but I could not get those annoying pop-up ads to work, yell if you have any changes. We have done web pages for dozens of clubs and organizations. Just drop me an e-mail or give me a jingle and we'll set one up for your non-profit for free. DG
Hi Dennis, I have been extremely happy with the ad that I had placed with you previously and would like to run it again in the April/May issue. Thank you, Chris Cornelius, Marsh-Mutt Manor Labradors. Warsaw, IN 46580
No problem, good customers like you are a joy to have, you could save some money if you just run it for the year. It seems that in the past few years people are no longer getting their breeders from print magazines and are now using the web as their information source. And I'm sure you have found, as has most of our advertisers, that the web is a much better marketing tool. Dennis G
Dennis, Thanks for supporting our organization, you were the only hunting or dog publication to send us a donation though I think we contacted all of them. You just don't find support like yours in the industry. And because of that I want to support you by signing up for a 2 year subscription. Keep-up the good work. Jerry L. KCMO
Jerry, Thanks for supporting us. It's tough when less than 1% of the donations we send out ever turn into a subscriber. But we do what we can. I expect our donation program will go away in the future due to lack of support. DG
Dennis, I wondered how you decide who you do your "Meet the Breeder" column on. I would like one don on my kennel. Gordon Alfter, Rat River Retrievers, Fremont, WI.
Gordon, There is four criteria I use. First I like to do articles on people that have advertised with us for a while. That way I get to hear about any good or bad about the kennel from puppy buyers. Also if they support us, we will support them. Second, put together a page on your kennel about what makes you unique and something my readers would be interested in. Third, an invite, wouldn't hurt. Lastly I can drive to any state surrounding Minnesota in a day, I only do articles outside that area when I'm at shows, and I have a dozen outstate shows planned for next year. I hope that helps. Dennis G
Dennis, I am sorry to hear of your issues with NAVHDA, I have heard the organization has become very political and after talking with you can understand why you feel the way you do. I would be upset too if I supported NAVHDA for 8 years in your magazine, as you have, while at the same time NAVHDA snubbed BD&RN and promoted other publications. Name Withheld
Thanks, I wish that was not the case, I tried to work with Joe Dojlesi the president of NAVHDA who lives in the Twin Cities and has been a subscriber of ours for years. In January he said he'd take care of it. Two months later he still has not gotten back to me.
Though I am a member of NAVHDA I simply have given up on the organization and no longer will be printing articles about them, having them in our calendar of events or linking to them on the internet. With the issues the organization has, I just can not recommend it to our million+ readers.
And if that is how I am treated how do you expect the average person will be treated that just wants to have a place and an organization to train dogs with. It's not just me. I have talked with a writer who helped create a NAVHDA Chapter who is no longer active because of the BS and politics. I have spoken with breeders that won't run in their events, because they know they will not be allowed to pass, and longtime NAVHDA members that have said basically the same thing.
I know some tremendous people in the organization and have done articles on them so you know them also. And I have no issues with any dogs in the NAVHDA program. I can only hope in the future someone will step-up to fix the organization and the politics, or a competing organization will simply put NAVHDA out of business. Dennis G

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