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April / May 2003 issue Page 40

 From The American Veterinary Medical Association

QUESTION: The risks of some potentially dangerous health threats are significantly lowered by having dogs spayed or neutered. How long is the recuperation period?
ANSWER: Cases vary. Your veterinarian will outline special instructions and precautions to take during the convalescence based on your dog's age, health and past experiences. At your post-surgical visit, you will be advised on when it is safe for normal activities to resume.
Question: Water is one of both human and animal bodies' most important nutrients. How much water should our dog be drinking per day?
ANSWER: Clean water should always be available. Most healthy dogs, given a chance, will drink adequate amounts of water. Proper water intake varies by age, size, health, physical activity and the temperature. Monitor daily water intake, so you'll be alerted to a problem.
Question: Why do so many veterinarians discourage dog owners from feeding their dogs table scraps? When I was young, most dogs existed on table scraps.
ANSWER: A diet of table scraps usually will not meet a dog's nutritional needs. A dog food diet that is recommended by your veterinarian is less likely to cause digestive, obesity or dental problems and can be tailored to meet your dog's special needs.
QUESTION: We've found some very effective over-the-counter medications for intestinal or stomach upsets. Are these products safe to give our dog if he has a mild upset?
ANSWER: Some can be used, but doses vary widely from dog to dog and some ingredients in these products may be toxic to dogs. Check it out with your veterinarian who knows about your dog's health and who knows the potential for any adverse effects of using these products.
QUESTION: Is there anything we can do at home for our dog's vulvar fold dermatitis that will make her more comfortable? The skin in the area is very chapped and itchy.
ANSWER: Your veterinarian can recommend a surgical soap to bathe the area and prescribe an antibiotic-steroid ointment. Clip the hair away area before applying the ointment and keep the folds dry and clean thereafter. That will relieve itching and scratching and clear up infections.

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