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April / May 2003 issue Page 36

 Steady and radar-guided on crippled ducks
By Robert Milner
If you want your hunting dog to be super steady in the duck blind as well as super accurate on retrieving cripples, try the following.
Whenever you shoot some ducks, leave them lying on the water (assuming not enough wind or current to carry them off) for at least 15 or 20 minutes before sending the dog to retrieve. When you knock down a short cripple, kill it on the water and leave it 15 minutes. When you knock down a long cripple send the dog shortly after it hits the water. Over a number of hunts your dog will start recognizing the crippled duck as it is still falling and will zero in on it like a magnet. Concurrently he will become very steady. Since he is usually required to wait 15 minutes before retrieving a fall, he will expect to wait and thus will become much more calm.
Please visit, Robert Milner's retriever training site

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