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April / May 2003 issue Page 33

 lem and that she should talk to her vet. We also contacted the AKC to let them know that the problem existed. Xxx has contacted no one to our knowledge to notify them of this potential genetic issue. I find this very inconsistent with the message that your article sends.
At this point we are left with the decision of whether to commence legal action against xxx for what we feel is their lack of standing behind their breeding, or to let things pass and just enjoy our pet for years to come. But I wanted you to know, as I am letting others who ask how our dealings with xxx have been, of our experience with xxxx Kennels.
Sincerely, Bob

Bob, One of the problems with buying any dog is the guarantees that come with the dog. Obviously xxx has a lot of litters each year. Out of the pure numbers there will be problems. They have a policy of replacing a dog that does not live up to the desired dog requested. This is the policy you both agreed upon when buying your pup, so there is no one to blame.
I believe one of the reasons breeders offer such a guarantee is because of exactly what you went through, what family in their right mind will put down a pet for what you went through. It puts the buyer in a bad position. But on the other hand you agreed to that. Xxx or any breeder does not want a ton of dogs coming back or putting down dogs... so that is how they have solved the situation.. putting pressure on the new owner to accept one of two bad options.. but again, you knew this going in.
My wife wanted me to get a year old started dog instead of a puppy last year when I got Jenny. For reasons exactly like you bring up and to get past the cost of puppy stage and the unknowns. I took Jenny in for a $250 vet bill the other day for an external cyst that she developed when she came into heat... It has since gone away but I could very easily been stuck with a $1000 bill. Would I have went back to the breeder? No, I would not have. Just as human beings get genetic ailments dogs will too.... life is a crap shoot. It may happen with the next breeding of this litter, it may never happen again.
As far as the way you were treated by xxx, they stood up to what they promised and you agreed on, to the letter. Do I wish they would have gone further.... yes.... would that mean they would be obligated to go further on any pup that had problems... I think the answer would also be yes.... the breeder does not want to go down that slippery slope, breeders are in business to sell dogs.... and it is a business.
I hope you can see that I can see both sides and am walking a thin line... your both right.... but you agreed to terms when you picked up the pup. Xxx offers older dogs that are past the unknown puppy stage, but you pay for that. The cost of a older started dog in this case would have been less than your vet bills and training. I am sorry you had problems.. I hope this rational helps... I pay those unknown vet bills too.... I know where from you speak... I hope in the end all turns out well. I hope you see I did not just blow off your question... there is no good or easy answer.
Thanks, Dennis Guldan

Dennis Guldan. publisher of Bird Dog & Retriever News hails from New Brighton, MN, by way of Marshfield, WI .... and yes Jenny and Scooby are doing well.

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