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April / May 2003 issue Page 16

 And there you have it, in just a couple of minutes you've looked the whole dog over. Hopefully you found no problems and you'll both be ready to go come morning. It's just too easy to skip this part of the day and put your dog in the kennel immediately upon getting back to the truck. I highly caution against skipping this post-hunt exam.
Take the time and find the problem when it occurs, and get it taken care of correctly. Most of us don't think twice about cleaning and oiling our guns after each hunt. Shouldn't you give your dog the same type of once-over? Besides, he is the reason you were able to use that gun at all.
Dr Joe Spoo, DVM hails from Brainerd, MN

With all you invest in guns, dogs and vehicles, Bird Dog & Retriever News is another great investment.

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